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August 28, 2006

What’s for breakfast?

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Last spring on a message board I visit, there was a discussion about blogs – who was writing, who was reading, what was being written. There was a good piece of advice posted about regular blogging in regards to keeping in touch with family and friends,

“Just don’t talk about what you ate for breakfast too much.” There were a few of us who smarted off, replying with what was for breakfast that day 🙂

But, you know, the longer we full time in our 5th wheel, the more that sort of information seems to become completely relevant. Thinking back to how we came to be living this lifestyle, of all the reasons there were three that really set us on the path. The first was, of course, the dog. Keith was, at the time, flying skycranes on fires – I followed him across the country in our Jeep with the Zoester. Increasingly it became a hassle to have to call ahead to these sometimes very small towns, and ask the front desk of a motel (under already stressed situations) “do you take pets?”, There were a few times we had to stay at separate motels from the rest of the crew, and only one time (in Hailey, Idaho) that we had to “sneak” her in….uuuggghh.

Secondly, being “on the road” for more than 200+ days a year, it never made much sense to be shelling out for a home base – we were never there (wherever there is). The remaining 1/3 of a year would usually have us travelling for pleasure’s sake, visiting family and friends.

The third factor in our decision was, well, maybe not breakfast per se – but certainly meals in general. Does eating out every single day, at least twice a day for weeks and months at a time really sound that good to anyone reading this? If it does, you’ve probably never done it. Not long into our road warrior summer, I gathered a few essential kitchen supplies (one large, pink plastic bowl, a can opener, one sharp cutting knife, plastic eating utensils…oh, and you can bet there was a wine opener or two as well) and began trying to make a meal here or there in our motel room – it was a challenge I rose to and sought out the most creative healthy meals I could, (a favorite being crab salad stuffed in avocado halves). By the end of that first summer we began looking at alternative modes of living on the road.

For the past three year’s we have been living in a small travel trailer – with a very recent upgrade to our fancy schmancy Hitchiker 5th wheel. We fell in love with the rear kitchen floor plan, and are now enjoying a sizeable kitchen, in which we spend a good deal of time. Nothing against crab salad, but it’s got nothing on grilled wild salmon with rosemary and garlic…..leftovers finding their way into a salmon and sun-dried tomato frittata the next morning. There’s no way around it, here on this blog, you are gonna hear about what we’re eating…..at least occasionally.

Breakfast anyone?




  1. The blog looks great. Glad you popped by the forum too. I’ve been in and out as well with all the traveling. Settled for a few weeks though, so back on the forum and catching up fun stuff on my blog.

    WordPress is great, and you’ll love it!

    For me, I mostly have rice cakes for breakfast. 😉

    Comment by Rich C — August 28, 2006 @ 5:07 pm | Reply

  2. Love it. The kitchen does look great. I had fresh nectarine smoothie for breakfast.
    So am I blogging?

    Comment by Debbe — August 28, 2006 @ 6:07 pm | Reply

  3. LOVIN it!!!! it looks like “home”

    Glad you shared.

    Comment by Kim — August 29, 2006 @ 7:01 am | Reply

  4. […] (Keith laughs when I put all the food items in my blog, ha ha – but I always said from the beginning that I would write about food here, remember What’s for Breakfast?….) […]

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