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November 6, 2006

November Full Moon

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I have a love hate relationship with the Full Moon. Last nights moon, called the Full Hunters Moon, showed itself early – low over the mountains, massive, and in total competition to the sunset. It was the sunset that caught my attention, all the outdoor surfaces forced to take on the rosy color of the sky – yeah, that always gets my attention. I looked to the west, and gasped. Where’s the camera, where’s the dang camera??? Oh, the desert sky – usually so clear and uninterrupted was showing off it’s thin layer of hazy cloud almost entirely and brilliantly in red. Camera and car keys in hand, I stepped out the front door – and was stopped in my tracks. Another gasp.

Hello, moon.

Gigantic and putting it’s own spin on the cloud cover, showing off a wide circle of rainbow colors, haloed in more blues and greens than anything else, it was magnificent. That moment of the evening had me energized. I knew my pictures would never do the true nature any justice, and I only tried to take one……it could have been perfect, an impressive moon with a palm tree in the foreground, the last blazes of red on a nearby mountain….but you are going to have to take my word for it – it’s a blurry dark mess (I’m going to, as usual, blame it on the camera – and say we are shopping for a new one)

I approached Lake Mead (I was on my way to pick Keith up from work) soaking up every second of the rapidly changing outdoor scene. Beneath the moon a cluster of constellations began to appear, maybe ten or twelve flickering twilights on the horizon as the darkness took over the night. I had a good laugh when I realized they were airplanes on decent into Vegas, ha ha ha. We are always so completely amazed by the constant string of jets in the sky, all day everyday – but I’d never mistaken them for stars before.

The downside to the wondrous beauty of the Full Moon always comes with a restless night sleep, and dreams of the strangest variety – as if I’d pounded back a quart of habanero laden salsa.  Oh well, a little tired today – but glad to have enjoyed the moonlit night  🙂


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  1. If you guys are looking for a good camera, we have a Nikon D50 and it’s awesome (still using the word he he). I’m sure you guys have a Best Buy there..sometimes they have a no interest, no payments deal. I wish you had gotten the pic also, it sounded like it was a wonderful moment!!

    Take care,

    Comment by Jenn Oglesby — November 10, 2006 @ 9:21 pm | Reply

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