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January 3, 2007

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year to all our family, friends, and everyone else who makes their way to our blog. 2006 was a long and strange year, we’re not sorry it’s over and are really looking forward to a less stressful 2007. I’m always an optimist when it comes to the New Year. Keith and I are both on the mend from a bout with the flu – and we both agree that while it’s a crumby way to start the year, it sure will keep us from taking for granted the good health we both enjoy.

My mom came for a visit in the beginning of December, on her way to Arkansas to spend Christmas with her grandkids. Sure was nice having her here, I love touring around Las Vegas doing the tourist thing. To kick things off we went to the cactus garden at the Ethel M Chocolate factory – there were 10,000 christmas lights strung on and around the cactus (not a job I would want, thank you very much) it was really an impressive display.

Cactus Garden

One day we took a home tour of six decorated houses in Boulder City, ranging from modest to historical, with the token “I have more money than God” mansion. My mom is really the one you want to snoop around other people’s homes with, she’s great fun! There is a train here in Boulder City, it runs on the weekends, I have been wanting to ride it since we got here. Well, my mom and I made the run, and wouldn’t you know it, it was the LAST ride of the season, and it was the SANTA TRAIN. The train is fabulously restored from the 1800’s and was just packed with families and little kids all waiting to see Santa. It was a short ride, but just so much fun. Santa arrived, and then so did Mrs. Claus. She stopped to say hello to my mom and I, and ask if we’d been good this year. I nodded and answered that “yes, Mrs. Claus, we’ve been very good this year” She just shook her head, leaned into me and said into my ear “That’s too bad, you get better presents if you’re naughy” Hahahahahaha, my mom didn’t believe me when I told her. Ohhh, how I love a Las Vegas Christmas!!!

Next up, The Bellagio. Bellagio always decorates their conservatory with seasonal themes, so we went to take in a couple water fountain shows (they run every 15 minutes and are different every time) and ooooh and ahhhh at the talent and inspiration of the artists who put together the gigantic Polar Bear family made of 10,000 chrysanthemums (white for the bodies, red for the scarves), an indoor cranberry bog, reindeer decorated with 660 lbs of whole pecans each and a wonderful towering tree complete with light show surrounded by poinsettas and a very mezmorizing water display. It was a very Rose Parade meets Vegas experience.

Even after my mom had departed to my sisters, Keith and I continued touring the festive offerings Las Vegas has to share. An organization called Opportunity Village annually puts on an event in which sponsors throughout the entire valley come in and decorate their own section of what becomes The Enchanted Forest. There was a narrow winding sidewalk, and on each side there were little houses, trees, toys all decorated for the holidays, it was very storybook. Our luck, the sky opened up and began just dumping rain on us, almost as soon as we arrived. Thankfully we wearing rain gear, so this meant that for the most part, we had the Enchanted Forest all to ourselves, ha ha ha.

A river with snowy banks

Paula in the rain

Another big Holiday spectacular being promoted was a driving tour of Sunset Parks “Night of Lights”. Hard not to get into the Holiday spirit going for a slow cruise through tunnels of lighted candy canes and stars, the sides of the road were lit with displays of trains, toys, and even dinosaurs (we never figured that one out) We played Christmas music on the radio, laughing all the way.

On Christmas Eve, I spent the day taking the tree and all the decorations down, packing them away for another year. At 5:15 pm I picked Keith up from work and we headed to Big Pine (just South of Bishop) so we could spend Christmas day with my brother and his girlfriend.

Bonnie, Paula & Phil

It was a beautiful Eastern Sierra Christmas. Keith and I did just as we said, we bought ourselves a new camera – an SLR (how’d THAT happen???) – and now we just have to learn how to use it, ha ha ha.



Keith spoiled me rotten, which makes me think that if Mrs. Claus was right, I must not have been as nice this year as I thought, LOL. I hope you all had wonderful holidays. I look forward to more wonderful adventures to share with you all this year. As always there are more pictures on webshots, just follow the link from the right. Thanks for being with us on our journey.


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  1. It sounds like Las Vegas at Christmas is just too much fun! I’m jealous. If you’re still there next year (you never know) I’m coming.

    Comment by Debbe — January 3, 2007 @ 12:56 pm | Reply

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