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January 4, 2007

Going through archives

Filed under: Travel in the U.S. — Heligypsy @ 2:43 pm

I am nostalgic today. Or else I’m being a bit antsy, I can’t really decide. We arrived in Boulder City, NV on August 20th, more than four months ago – that’s a long time in one place for us, as most of you know. Anyway, I started going through all the Webshots albums today. Was I thinking that would curb this itch to get on the road? If I was, I was wrong! So, I began going through some of my archives of the emails I used to write (pre-blog, of course) of all the travels we have taken. I don’t have them all, some of the earliest ones have long since disappeared – those were all written back before we even owned a computer – all I had was a Yahoo! account that I used in public internet spots.

Here’s what I was thinking, since we are pretty well hunkered down here for a time, I will renew some of the old stories – starting with how Keith and I met (did I just hear someone groan???), covering some of the domestic fire contracts, and of course including our international travel favorites. Re-reading them has been some fun. My writing has changed – even the way I travel has changed. I will always remember being asked nearly 7 years ago, when this whole journey began “Where will you live?” My tone was probably kinda smart, and I replied “Australia, Italy, Greece, who knows!” And we have “lived” in all those places, just as we said we would. There are of course things we said we’d do and haven’t. I want to write a book. Keith wants to trek Nepal. Guess we better get cracken’!

So, what’dya think, for those of you who’ve been with us all along are ya up for a bit of a re-run? For those of you more recent to our story, are you interested in old stories?



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