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April 21, 2007

Birding Paradise

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Keith and I are both somewhat amateur birders. The smaller the bird gets, the harder it is for me to identify, and around here there are hundreds of the smaller breeds. I holler out every name I can think of, and Keith will reply “I think that’s just a chickadee”. On the day we arrived, we walked to the beach (mostly by accident, we were just exploring the park) The sun was shining, in opposition to what the weather reports said, and the birds were out celebrating. Even the big guys, the one’s I can easily identify from miles away, the Bald Eagles. We counted 5 within minutes, a few were immature being taught to hunt.

That night we fell asleep to the “who-who-hoohoohoo,wh-wh-wHo-whooooo” and in the morning I asked “did you hear the owl?” We both laughed in agreement that while it was neat to hear at first, it would have been better if he’d have shut up at some point during the night. Everynight we fall asleep to the sounds of the park owl.

Last night we were sitting outside after an evening exploration of some of the nearby trails. A dog barked in the distance and Keith asked “what kinda dog is that? Sounds like it has the hiccups.” We listened for a few more barks, and then – though it was early, we heard “who-who-hoohoohoo, wh-wh-wHo-whoooo” I said I thought he was far away, Keith disagreed, so we set off in search of our friend the owl. We didn’t get far, as Keith was seriously distracted by this barking dog. The next thing I knew, he was backtracking and then, strangely enough, he began to look high up into the trees, muttering “what IS that???” I looked off into the distance at some of the other trailers, searching for a dog to point out to him, and clear up the whole mystery. But, the barking stopped. A Raven descended from the Pine Tree, gliding down the lane way, circling to another Pine opposite where we stood, and “BarK”, it barked. It BARKED! My mouth hung agape, I just couldn’t believe it. Surely the raven knew we were listening and watching, and he didn’t care for the attention, so off he flew.

The owl on the other hand, was not yet aware that we were after a sighting, and he kept up the inevitably locating “whooing” until we pinpointed his position. What a nice looking bird he is! I tried to be casual, you know like shuffling my feet, hands behind my back, a little whistle going on, proving my intentions were “Nothing???” But, I couldn’t pull it off, he scrunched his head down as he looked me square in the eye – pushed off the branch and glided over our heads, through the forest and off to the other side of the park.



  1. In case you find a lovely stream filled with wonderful yellow lilies. I should warn you they are called Skunk Cabbage…hehe and that is being rude to a skunk.
    Enjoy BC

    Comment by Sherryl — April 21, 2007 @ 6:32 pm | Reply

  2. Hey! My comment didn’t post. I’ll try again, delete one if two appear.

    Ravens are great mimics. If they were smaller and more attractive we no doubt would cage them for our own amusement. If you’re lucky, he won’t mimic the owl!

    Loved your description of playing nonchalant to the owl. Too funny! Did you identify it?

    Saw the coolest little black and white ducks the other day, had to research them, they’re called Buffleheads. Seems I was watching two males impress a female, what a spectacular show.

    Comment by Laura — April 22, 2007 @ 4:08 am | Reply

  3. I had the same question as Laura, Did you ID the owl?
    Ravens, you gotta love them…sometimes.
    Keep birding!

    Comment by Debbe — April 23, 2007 @ 9:41 am | Reply

  4. Ok, I’m back out tonight to find this guy, because looking online (the bird books are in boxes at my mom’s, bad I know) I’m thinking, could it really have been, a Spotted Owl? No, I guess not with only 22 known in this area. And, I checked out Cornell’s All About Birds – and listened to the sounds of each one listed, ours is not there. So, what is he? I’m nuts to find out, so tonight out I go, camera and recorder in hand 🙂

    Comment by borderlinegypsies — April 23, 2007 @ 11:00 am | Reply

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