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May 1, 2007

Have you seen any other interesting birds?

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The identification of the Barred Owl really went over well with a couple of my birding friends, and led to the question above, “Have you seen any other interesting birds?” Well, my mom and I took a little stroll in the RV park this afternoon and discovered a well protected (and hidden) chicken coop with 5 hens. I heard them before I saw them, and couldn’t wait to get a closer look. Zoe had them all on edge, though I tried to tell them she knows better than to behave badly towards chickens. With all the predators around here, I’d guess they’re pretty nervous birds!

Ok, so the chickens aren’t the interesting bird I was being asked about. How about the Golden Eagle we scared up the other day on Gabriola Island? Yes, now that definitely counts. The granddaddy of all interesting birds (in my book anyway). This gigantic sucker was having a snack on the side of the road, when we barged by. Not much for vertical lift-off this massive bird just floated for a second or two, trying to get his wings underneath him. HUGE! I tell ya. Eventually he gained enough of a climb to disappear into the treetops. One of the gals here at the park was thrilled when we told her, as she had seen a Golden recently, but had been convinced by some of the guys around here that she didn’t know what she was talking about, ha ha.

Though there is evidence of large Woodpeckers (probably Pileated) in the area, we have not seen them. I guess seeing California Quail on the Island constitutes interesting, we just saw two this morning. I am listening to the barking Raven as I type this, and the Robins are enjoying our 4th sunny day in a row.

It’s all very relaxing, calm and peaceful here at the Living Forest. We are really enjoying ourselves.


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