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June 24, 2007

Attempted travel means change in plans

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We were warned, more than once, that traveling out of Athens on a Sunday was maybe not the best of days. I understood that Athenians leave the city for the islands and beaches on the weekend, and return Sunday night. So, when inquiring about passage to the Island of Hydra – I was not at all terribly surprised to discover all the return “fast boats” were booked solid. Well, we couldn’t go if we couldn’t get back, so we had to scrap that plan and move on to the next – which was to get back on the metro and just see what we could see.

A quick glimpse of what we began to see after exiting the Montistiraki train station, taking one right and then another


I have read that the structure on the top of that hill in the background is the most recognizable in the world – second to McDonald’s Golden Arches!

Athens is in a heatwave right now, just perfect, uuugh! I’d rather not know exactly how hot it was, but most definitely it was Death Valley hot – as in 110+ (117 at the airport) Mom and I sought the shelter of an air conditioned taverna (restaurant) before continuing our adventures around the Parthenon. The adorable host of the taverna nearly flew off the stoop towards us, grabbing both my hands in his shaking them warmly, smiling and telling me “welcome back, it is SooooOo good to see you again” Competition among eateries around here is fierce, acting as though we have familiarity is nothing more than a tactic – but I tell you, in that heat he really didn’t need to put any act on – he had a sign for Air Conditioning, we were IN!

We relaxed, re-hydrated and enjoyed a nice lunch for nearly 2 hours. During that time a little open aired electric train passed by twice, carrying passengers on a slow tour of the districts – immediately we knew, that was for us! The Happy Train departed just around the corner from our restaurant, and for 5 Euro each we rode for more than 40 minutes around all the districts of Athens, up to the Acropolis, back down into the city – all the while listening to Zorba the Greek over the loud speaker. The departure point for this ride is right in front of the Metro station, meaning when the ride was finished we had about 100 steps to walk to get our tickets for our return train ride home….on an air-conditioned train.


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  1. I don’t recognize that structure. I think I ought to come over there and have a look see for myself.

    *drooling in envy*

    Comment by Laura — June 26, 2007 @ 6:57 pm | Reply

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