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June 30, 2007

Our reason for being here

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Thursday afternoon my mom and I took a bus tour to Cape Sounion to explore the area around the Temple of Poseidon. The bus ride made us both woosey, the heat had exhausted us and the climb around for views was crossing the line for doing too much, again. Just that morning I had struck up a conversation with a young woman on the metro, out of curiosity we wanted to know if any of these apartment buildings had fire escapes, she shrugged her shoulders and said

“We don’t really have fires in Athens”.

My first attempt to respond was with the question, “Well, what if, though?” Again, she smiled and shrugged her shoulders – it was the only answer she had.

At the end of the day our tour bus deposited us in front of the Parliament Building, where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is guarded by the Evzones. Here we took a few minutes for photos and a rest before climbing on the metro to head home. I wrapped the straps of the camera around my neck, took the lens cap off, began to position the eyepiece – and stopped. “Those aren’t clouds”, I thought to myself and then out loud I finished with,

“Mom, that’s smoke!”


By the time we finished our 35 minute train ride home, smoke plumes filled the sky – assisting the sunset with a spectacular finale. Once home, we tuned into the news and managed to catch footage of Keith flying the skycrane making a water drop on a sloping hillside just below a large building – turned out to be a casino and not one in much danger, either, Keith said later. Every channel is covering the massive fire, there seems to be much discussion and some arguments, but I am reminded that this is really just the way Greeks talk, there is no disagreement.

Evidence of just how nearby this fire was burning was revealed the next morning, everything was dusted with a fine ash and the acrid smell of smoke hung thick in the air. In the two days since the fire began, we have seen massive activity in hoeing overgrown lots down to dirt, pulling deadwood from trees in neighborhoods, and clearing entire hillsides of anything less than green shrubbery.

And I wonder about the girl on the metro who thought they don’t really get fires here in Athens – and what is the big escape plan for these apartments…..my mom says we could always tie ‘good ole’ sheets together!


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  1. Holy smokes! Sounds like you’re having a lovely time, any chance you’ll be doing some pool hopping? 🙂

    Comment by JennH — July 1, 2007 @ 7:20 pm | Reply

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