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July 26, 2007

Norah Jones – you’ve heard of her?

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This is the first trip to Greece that I have made during the summer months, July in particular. What this means is, I have opportunities available that I have missed in the past, for example, the Athens & Epidavrus Festival which runs from June-August (you must switch from GR to EN if you hope to read this site) To see a live performance, of any genre in the Ancient Theaters in Greece, well, that just REALLY does it for me – it’s been one of my wishes since the first trip here in 2003.

Dreams do come true.

By the time I found out that Norah Jones would be performing at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, tickets had already been on sale for 5 days. In a matter of minutes it became clear that for the most part, Norah Jones is not as well known in Athens as she is back home. I happily secured our seats in Row 5 (row 5, row 6, row 7 – you name it they were available up until just days before the eventually sold-out performance was scheduled)


I wondered how the acoustics would be in this two-thousand year old venue, once enclosed with a cedar roof – specifically designed to enhance such issues. And, I was right to wonder about it – the sound was absolutely affected by the open air, ancient stone surroundings (ha – what problems!). We saw Norah wince a couple times, but she still enjoyed herself, and we sure did too!

Before I go all gaga on how wonderful it was, I will quickly say that it was also hot as hell. Crammed together in the nightfall dropping temperatures of 90+ degrees, the entire dark mass of people fluttered with hand fans, real or makeshift like mine…a greek brochure that I’ll never be able to read, but was sure handy to use for cooling. As Norah bounced from one instrument back to the piano, she sighed into the microphone, giving herself a quick little hug and said “boy, I’m cold, are you cold….it’s chilly” Laugh, laugh, laugh

She was absolutely just the cutest thing, in her little Wizard of Oz-like ruby heels. She learned to say “Thank You” (Efharisto) which was a hit with the crowd – and even spoke in Greek to tell the audience “I don’t know how to whistle” as an explanation why her bandmember handled the important whistle portion of a song – the crowd LOVED it, and she said, truly surprised, “You understood me?!” Of course, I did not, and only put two and two together when she followed with “Well, I can, but only by breathing inwards, and that’s awkward, so…” ha ha ha!

When she left the piano to stand once again behind the mic with guitar in hand (she is one heck of a talent) her gaze could not help but fall beyond the walls of the Theater – and she said, “Wow, this is one heck of a view we’ve got here,” talking about the corner portion of the Parthenon hovering beyond, beautifully lit in spectacular contrast to our dark surroundings. I get the feeling she anticipated a more enthusiastic agreement, and when there was little response she quickly followed with “Of course, you already know that…” She also commented, getting nodded agreement from the Handsome Band, that “this is the coolest place we’ve ever played” I got a kick out of how absorbed she was in how totally cool playing this venue was. She’s played in the Greek Theater in L.A, and in Berkley – and now she’s got the real thing on her list.

She was adorable and put on a fantastic show, it really was the best event I could have hoped for to finish out this week.


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  1. What an awesome experience! The mixture of the 21st century meeting the beginning of modern time. Very cool!

    Comment by JennH — August 4, 2007 @ 1:24 pm | Reply

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