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August 16, 2007

Another Day on the Job

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Its not often that I get to see Keith at work. I see him on the news, and I hear the stories of the days event in firefighting…sometimes I hear stories weeks or months later, depending on the amount of drama involved.

Today there was a gigantic fire in an upscale neighborhood very near our own. From the roof of our building I captured a few photos



I am always so sorry for the victims of fire, my heart aches for the terrible sense of loss that must be. Watching this fire rage from the hilltop to the valley in minutes was awful.

My thoughts were random at best. I thought about Keith running late this morning, something that NEVER happens, and so now he was out on duty having missed breakfast. There’s little chance he’d get much of a break for lunch, so my thoughts turned to what to make for his dinner. I’ve settled on pasta.
I’d had to call him at 6:30am, well before the fire, to find out why I was having to wake myself up this morning, meaning I’d had no early goodbye kiss – and thus I did not get to tell him to “fly safe”. I watched him fly the perimeter of the fire, and put the “fly safe” vibe out into the air. They’ve got every air asset they have on this fire, there’s a lot of traffic up in that gnarly smoke. I was suddenly quite glad that I don’t often get the chance to see him work, its nerve wracking on so many levels.

And above all, I continued to think of how proud I am of the hard work Keith puts in, and what it means to so many people.



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  1. Incredible images! I’ve been wondering more about you two with these fires over there.

    Comment by JennH — August 29, 2007 @ 4:56 am | Reply

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