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September 9, 2007

Vacation’s Over

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August is the month that Greeks take vacation – they head out of the city and suburbs and move to the islands. A few weeks back I was going to write about this pleasant oddity as I headed to the metro early one morning and realized that if I had one – I could have shot off a canon and not hit anyone. Deserted was the only way to describe it. I thought how August would have been a good time for my mom to visit…no dodging of traffic, that alone is worth it! The trade off in our little neighborhood was that the pharmacist, fresh produce store, hair salon, and dairy were all closed for the month. Small price for empty streets, if you ask me!

The other day, Sept. 7th, Keith and I headed to the beach – by way of the main toll highway (Attiki Odos).  Not 100 yards onto the road, the realization struck of just how spoiled we had become in August – and that those days of hassle free driving were over for another year. All three lanes and the shoulder were jam packed, giant trucks, speedy racers, and the worst of all – the motorcycles and scooters…they are very dangerous. Everyone crams in, honking, swerving, no regard for rules of the road. In fact, I think we’ve mentioned that the “rules” are regarded as “merely suggestions” anyway.

Yep, vacation’s over and the Greeks are back and as crazy as ever.

Keith and I will be making a trip to the airport tomorrow to pick up the blogs new “Special Guest Writers”, my friends Debbe & Lindsey are coming for a vacation of their own. Should be several good adventures to tell about in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned….


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  1. Hey there Paula! Thanks for stopping by my site again.

    When are you returning? Sounds very interesting over there! Well, enjoy!

    Comment by Rich C — September 10, 2007 @ 7:22 am | Reply

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