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January 3, 2008

Sunrise Drive

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Leaving Death Valley minutes before dawn, we had a few exquisite moments of driving along the desert road into Nevada just as the sun rose to bring on a new, bright and wonderful day. This is a drive that both of us have done dozens of times, and even a path we have flown on several occasions – no matter, I think the early morning desert is special every single time.

Day 2 didn’t get us much further along than day 1, but then again, we were certainly not racing. As we left Las Vegas, heading to Kingman, AZ we had to make our choice of destination for the day. Keith needed to get a flight physical done before we left the country, and though he is not fond of the Dr. in Prescott, AZ – that is where we headed. Just the day before we had turned our clocks back for daylight savings, and now as we crossed the Hoover Dam we would put them forward once again – these first few days were worse than some jetlag I’ve suffered, HA!

It was just outside Kingman that our little C-Sport motorhome earned it’s name. I was on the phone to my friend Mindy in Ohio, when Keith had become noticeably distracted…and then I heard it too…an irritating sound like rubbing Styrofoam, coming from directly above our heads, where the bed bunk is. We pushed and pulled on the frame of the cab, stuffed towels and blankets around the surface, nothing worked and it just got worse. We were going to have to live with it, and laugh about it for now…

Getting to Prescott we were going to meet (in person) a friend we’ve made through online networking. We first met Rich through Digital RV as the guy who helped us figure out how I could go “on the road” and still run my VA business. It was thanks to Rich’s advice years back that – on this trip, enabled Keith and I to travel 1800 miles running our own internet connection, and sharing the live web-cam of our travels. We camped in the same campground as Rich, and hung out with he and his girlfriend, Sadira for a few hours that evening. It was fun to meet him, and even get a few new lessons on the next tech gadgets we should be investing in.

Keith’s physical the next day went perfectly, and we were back on the road in the afternoon.


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