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January 7, 2008

Fun in meeting people

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Keith mentioned in his Heligypsy blog the various sorts of people we have met along our travels. I also have a running list of the people who have come in and out of our lives, meeting people has been a very fun part of the trip for me.

Our fourth night was spent in Alpine, Tx, where we went to the nearby Shotgun Grill for dinner. A cowboy bbq joint, just like you’d expect to find in Texas, the Shotgun Grill was sectioned into two very large, high-ceilinged rooms. A tall young man, possibly Comanche, casually offered for us to “sit where ever you like, folks”. We wandered to the further of the two rooms. Though they were entirely open, big spaces, it was somewhat dimly lit, the paneling was a dark wood and the tables and chairs were big and chunky, so that when I sat I felt like Goldy Locks in Papa Bears chair.

Our waiter turned out to be the same young man at the door, a friendly, well spoken individual, keenly interested in where we were from. We were equally interested in his background. Joaquin was his name, and when he said he was native to Texas it was hard to believe, there was not even a hint of southern drawl anywhere to be heard. Finding out he’s majoring in communications was not a surprise, and we told him so – he’s very good at and clearly likes talking to people. Joaquin has plans for his communications degree, and hopes to become a sports or news reporter, maybe for CNN. The conversation shifted back to us, where were we from?

“California” we said in unison.

“California? I have an Uncle in California. He wants me to move out there. I’m scared to do it.” our waiter confided in us.

“Scared of California?” I asked. “What part is your Uncle in?”

“Redondo Beach”.

Ahhh, Keith and I mused, Redondo Beach is nice enough, we assured him it was nothing like “The Hills or The OC” which is primarily what has him terrified of California. “I HATE those shows” he said, which made me laugh. We smiled and reassured him that he would be fine, I was tickled by the mere thought of this sizable, intelligent guy admitting to being scared of leaving Texas to head to California. He was much more comfortable with giving us advice of places we should stop and sightsee along our drive through Mexico – his favorite being to spend some time outside Tampico, that’s where his mom goes.

We wished him the best of luck, he returned the sentiment, and though we exchanged websites & address’s that’s the last we’ve heard from Joaquin. As is often the case in this life, he’ll have no idea that we remember that meeting, and continue to reflect on it with smiles. We’re rarely aware of the impact we make on other people, or how often they might think of us.

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