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January 14, 2008

All the planning for a trip like this…

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So far on this journey every single fellow RV’er we have met has been using the “Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping” by Mike and Terri Church. I can’t even recall where we picked this book up, but what a lifesaver it’s been!

One detail that we went back and forth on was the vehicle paperwork for crossing the border, both in Mexico and in Belize. The woman at the DMV had mentioned that we would need the vehicle title to cross, and while it probably wouldn’t take the month they always quote, it would take at the very least a week to arrive in the mail in Bishop. We registered the vehicle and left town. We read and re-read passages in both books written by experts who have done this trip countless times, and researched the question online, but everything seemed so vague – it was possible we could get by with the registration only and that’s how we thought we’d play it. Then came the magic moment where I read, unequivocally we must have the original of the title in order to cross into Belize (turns out we needed it for Mexico too)

We spent six days getting from Bishop to Brownsville, Texas – and now had nothing to do but wait until the Title arrived, at which time my mom would Fed-Ex it overnight and we could begin the 2nd part of our journey.

If waiting around for paperwork was what we had to do, we agreed there was no place better to do it. Not that Brownsville is anything special…it’s not (we would find out once we crossed the border from this industrial town why they were so big on tire shops and “fix-a-flat”), but we were thrilled to be basking in the semi-tropical climate of southern Texas. Just about every night we had a little douse of rain, never for very long. Each morning we woke to bright skies and happy birds.

We took care of the last of the “to-do’s” on the list – the spare parts for the vehicle, mailed packages, took Zoe swimming at the mouth of the Rio Grande, and an assortment of random errands. We even took some time to research RV message boards as to what could be the cause (and solution) to our squeaking problem. Calling the vehicle “squeakster” was cute enough, but could have driven us insane! Within a half day, we had some advice regarding the attachment bolts above the cab that could have come loose. Keith pulled the headliner down, tightened every bolt and added several more for good measure, it was a few hours work. When he had finished we took her for a test drive, and you would be hard pressed to see two happier people in a motor home, oh, hallelujah, the squeak is gone!!!!!

We spent six days in Brownsville, and headed to South Padre Island to wait out this paperwork thing.


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  1. Yeah! Glad the squeak is gone. Now I need to get caught up on your other adventures!

    Comment by JennH — January 22, 2008 @ 7:51 pm | Reply

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