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January 18, 2008

Anxious to get South

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South Padre Island is a really great vacation spot…if you like to wind or kite-surf. We don’t do either. Our mid-mornings were spent taking long walks along the beach, wandering in and out of the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, all the while being pushed along with a great wind at our backs. That is, until we turned into the wind to return. I don’t think I have ever made it a secret that I don’t like the wind. Short term (it turns out) I can tolerate just about anything. And Lord knows, I’ve complained about the wind enough times, only to find out that the wind is often times better than the horrible biting bugs that arrive when it dies down.

So, we enjoyed the time in the sun, thankful for the wind knowing how hot and humid we would be without it here on this narrow spit of an island. But, that doesn’t stop me from getting anxious to get moving on, and out of the wind.


If you are a wind or kite-surfer…well, then you already know all about South Padre Island, don’t you? The place just buzzes with life on the Gulf, colorful kites gliding back and forth, facinating to watch. World class, that’s what we were told! People from all over the world come to winter here and practice their sport. For them, this must be heaven!

For me, when I talked to my mom on Tuesday and she said UPS should be showing up anytime with our vehicle title, that’s what felt like heaven to me! While still on the phone with her, he did show up! Next stop…Mexico 🙂


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