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February 1, 2008

Last day in Mexico

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Keith suggested that if we didn’t find a campground to our liking on the border to Belize, maybe we would find a nice resort-type place, you know maybe sleep in a real bed, take a real shower, have a nice dinner in a restaurant. Border crossings are always cause for elevated anxiety, so why not pamper ourselves a little the night before. Sounded like a great idea to me.

Why, then, did we end up boondocking in the storm ravaged Cenote Azul Trailer Park? Good question. The book says this campground is a “handy place to spend the night if you are traveling between Palenque and the coast of the Cancun-Tulum corridor to the north. It is also a good destination in its own right.” This has been written some time prior to the last hurricane, during which the clean restrooms with their hot showers had been completely annihilated. The electrical outlets were no more, and shelter palapas? Forget about it. By the time all the destruction was noted, it was too late in the day to turn back to Chetumal – and besides, there was a really good looking restaurant just a couple hundred yards up the road, we’d make do.

Our welcoming committee consisted of a flock of domestic turkeys that followed us around, lowering and shaking their heads with the laughable “gullaglogulgoo”, the beat down guard dog of the property, and the granddaughter of the owner who followed our every move with wide-eyed curiosity. That is, until I invited her inside the motor home and gave her a stuffed animal, that was the last we saw of her.

Parked and leveled among calf high weeds, we turned the generator on to run the a/c and left Zoe to guard the vehicle while we went for the “nice dinner in a restaurant” portion of our original plan. Now, you are waiting to hear how this part of the plan all falls apart too, I know. But, no, the restaurant was fantastic.


The restaurant is along the edges of Mexico’s largest sinkhole, Cenote Azul. Fed by an underground river or “sweet spring” the water is crystal blue, clear – and deep. I’d read that we could jump off the roof of the restaurant into the refreshing cenote, and though we’d opted to pass there certainly were lots of people enjoying the offer. We had a variety seafood dish for two, and left it up to the chef how it was to be prepared. Another English speaking couple sat near us, and we quickly became acquainted. They are from Shelton, WA and were heading (via airplane) to Belize the next day. They would spend 2 weeks on Caye (Key) Caulker, and encouraged us to get over for a visit if we could.

The four of us sat until the sun had set and the mosquitoes began making meals out of us. We walked together as far as the field in which Keith and I were camped, said our goodbye’s and happy travels. I was energized for the border crossing the next day, looking forward to reaching Belize.


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