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February 4, 2008

Reaching our destination

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The border crossing into Belize was as painless as the one into Mexico. We had to have the undercarriage of our vehicle sprayed, and pay $5 to do it, which amused Keith & I. The agents were pleasant – uninterested at some points, a little tricky at others. Our vehicle was searched and it was Zoey that cost us the most, (time and money) to bring in.

While waiting to complete Zoe’s permit, and pay an “administrative fee”, a petite woman who looked like she had money was escorted into the cramped office. As she stepped over the sprawled Zoey, she apologized to me for cutting in. I waved her off, it was no problem. Her story was interesting, I tried not to stare while she played it out. She wanted to cross the border into Mexico with her vehicle and do some food shopping. She wasn’t sure at this point what she would be bringing back, as she didn’t know what would be available,

“Maybe if they have, you know, some nice steaks, filet, I’m not sure. Or lobster tails, fish, whatever they have.” she gestured with her hands to show the size of what she was hoping to bring, both thumb and forefingers extended to meet in a circle.

“Where do you live” The agent behind the desk asked.

“San Pedro” she replied.

“How much did you want to bring?” He asked.

“Oh, just an ice chest in the truck. I thought there was a ‘fine’ that I could pay, or something, is there?” The woman was attempting to take care of customs before she even left the country.

At this point, the agent behind the desk turns to the man who escorted the woman in, and begins discussing dates and times when this transaction might take place. The only thing the customs man wanted to coordinate, was that they could bring some fish for him as well. Everyone was in agreement, each would get what they wanted.

The woman left, and I paid the agent the “administrative fee” of $50, completing our transaction. We were free to take our dog and finish the process of getting into the country.

So, welcome to Belize – where if you have the money to pay the “fines” and “administrative fees” you will probably do alright.



  1. Yea… heard of Mexico… city without rules… lol. Heard that the corps even put drugs into yr boot and accuse u of bringin them just to get some “administrative fees”…

    Comment by Mira — February 4, 2008 @ 8:36 am | Reply

  2. […] And she turns out to be the woman who paid the “fine” to shop for filet mignon and lobster over in Mexico from the post on Reaching our Destination. […]

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