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February 14, 2008

La Isla Bonita

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Having been in the country for a little more than a week, I was getting a bit antsy to see more than just the marina. At one point I was near telling Keith

“If you show me ONE more picture of that BLUE HOLE, I’ll have to strangle you!”

See, he’d been out flying some spectacular locations – all part of why we are here, but I had yet to really get out to see much, was feeling a tad jealous. So, the Friday morning that he called and said I could go to Ambergris Caye (Key). one of the highly touted local hotspot islands, with him for the weekend – I became a blur of activity, throwing a few things in an overnight bag and making calls about somewhere to leave Zoe.

A flight from the Municiple Airport in Belize is about 15 minutes long, over the shallow Caribbean waters. For the first time, I could relate to the photo’s Keith had been sharing. I spent the entire flight scanning for sharks, stingrays and manatees. Didn’t see any, but had a great time looking! We landed in San Pedro, the main town on the island, walked across the brick, sand covered street and checked into our hotel.

Ahhhh, immediately a change in attitude. Actually, this is where all things changed for me, this is where I began to fall in love with this little country. This island is no longer the kick back island that created it’s popularity. People race around the streets in motorized golf carts, kicking up sandy dust – not very pedestrian friendly. There are a handful of good restaurants, we had conch fritters and lime juice for lunch at a place called Celi’s with an all sand floor, right on the beach. Another one of our favorites is Elvi’s. In the heart of the town, Elvi’s has the same sand floor that Celi’s has, with a very open air, jungle atmosphere. The food is fantastic – best fish burrito and key lime pie on the island.

(Keith laughs when I put all the food items in my blog, ha ha – but I always said from the beginning that I would write about food here, remember What’s for Breakfast?….)

I pretty much spent the whole weekend lounging by the pool, dipping in to cool off, lounging some more. A girl could sure get used to this, and quickly!

Our hotel room had a sign on the bathroom counter, with little music notes around in the corners, it was a request not to waste water. It said:

“La Isla Bonita does not have much water to spare. Please don’t sing more than a few tunes in the shower”

I read the sign, and re-read it….just on the edge of catching the significance, when all of a sudden, I found myself singing,

“Last night I dreamt of San Pedro…..blah, blah, blah….La Isla Bonita…”

Oh, my gosh…THIS is the island from the Madonna song!!! Wow! Yeah, can you tell it’d been a long trip, I was highly amused 🙂

Keith came home from flying a filming crew all day, and began telling me about this multi-million dollar resort that he’d spent most of the day hanging out on. He said as he approached the owners, the woman looked at him an immediately said,

“I know you!”

Astonished, Keith replied “I know you too!”

“You are the one with the 3-legged dog at customs” she continued.

And she turns out to be the woman who paid the “fine” to shop for filet mignon and lobster over in Mexico from the post on Reaching our Destination.

What are the chances of that? Turns out, in Belize the chances are pretty good. More stories like that one to come, this country has been a real trip to hang out in.


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