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May 2, 2008

Going once…Going twice…

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…Going to Storage

As the news of America’s economy falling on hard times seeped in to our little camp in the Caribbean, we took it pretty lightly and with a grain of salt. What else could we do? More than 3000 miles from the U.S., holding no credit card debt and the reasonable assurance that Keith’s career will not be in jeopardy by the threat of the nations possible recession, we were not at high risk of loosing to much. The joke became that we could always stay down in Belize and get by on banana’s and coconuts – that’s how the the Belizeans survive.

Our plan had always been, from day one, to put the little Jamboree C-Sport right back on Ebay where we found it. The fact that we’d put 8000 miles on, meant we had to adjust the price accordingly – factoring the loss in as the cost of spending the winter in Belize for pennies of what it would have cost to have flown down and renting a house and car. The flaw in our plan? American’s have tightened their belts and the market for recreational vehicles has gone soft. Our week long auction on Ebay resulted with the highest bid still being $3,000 less than our absolute bottom price. Shocker, really! Each back-up plan we made fell through, and the offers came in lower and lower, until they were beyond ridiculous. It’s such a great little unit – the right person is out there somewhere. In the meantime, we had to get going on our road-trip to Ontario, Canada, so we put the little Jamboree in storage in Tumwater, WA

Here’s a few photos of us camping our way back to the U.S. and then up to Washington.

Our little home at the marina – daydreaming about the likes of Yachts like Hope as seen here:

Our first night’s camping at the lovely Yax Ha in Chetumal, Mexico:

After a late night driving well into the darkness in Chiapas, Mexico we stopped for the night in a family pasture less than one mile from the beautiful Tonina ruins of Ocosingo:

Brand new RV park, owned by American’s, surprisingly. 1/4 mile walk down to that deserted beach:

Sunset at the same RV park as above, ocean sunsets are always breathtaking:

Parking right on the beach in Punta Perula:

On to Mazatlan for one of the last nights in Mexico:

Catalina State Park just outside of Tucson Arizona in the wonderful Sonoran Desert:

We tried to bid farewell to our little vacation home:

Ended up caravaning up 395 in the snow – oh how we miss the tropics!:

Definitely nice to be back “home” in the full-size HitchHiker – too funny to see them parked side by side:


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