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June 25, 2008

Where’re ya from?

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Sitting on a low antique sofa, crouched and leaning over the tiled floor towards the table where the laptop sat, I checked emails for one last time. Keith sat next to me in a proper high backed chair, also antique, upholstered in rich brown leather.  Another man was using the spacious lobby, lounging in the center of the room, on a cell phone discussing money, trades, deals. If that’s all you saw of this scene, you’d never guess this was Mexico.  The dimly lit Hotel Playa de Cortes in Guaymas, has an air of exclusivity. Indeed, it was originally built as a railway resort overlooking the Gulf of California in 1936, and was a getaway for the wealthy and famous. Still a classy joint today, and one we would have never just happened upon. One more thanks for Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping We were on the final leg of our nearly 3 week journey of the west coast of Mexico.

A tall man wearing biker leathers and a skull cap that covered his grey hair, sauntered alongside the dark wooden lobby desk. Putting an elbow on the counter, he turned his body towards us.

“hey, how ya doin’?”

We exchange greetings and fairly common one-liners about travel and the internet. He made some fun and flirty remarks towards me that made me giggle and blush, but that I can no longer remember. We had seen this guy sitting out in the RV addition to the hotel earlier when we rolled in. The plates on his vehicles, motorcycles included, were from Florida. Keith pays attention to these sorts of details, and being the geographic guru that he is, asks the man,

“So, where in Florida are you from?”

“Portland, Oregon” The tall man replied, completely straight-faced, never skipped a beat.

I just died laughing. What a perfect summation for full-timing. I never know what exactly to say to people when they ask where I am from. Do you want to know where I was born? What my mailing address is? Where I “live” now? Keith and I rarely give the same answer, probably makes us look like a couple of hack cons running from the law. I have a t-shirt, I’m wearing it now actually, it says;

“Home is Where You Hook Up”

And the truth of the matter is that Keith and I always figure anywhere we are together is “home”. Right now my Social Networking sites will show that I “live” in Gananoque, Ontario. But Keith is in Alassio, Italy – in 4 more weeks that’s where we will call “home”


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  1. Hi, I found you by chance and discovered that you’re going to move to Italy. I currently live near Bologna, but I’ll move to low Piedmont in a few weeks.
    I’d be happy to stay in touch, I really like your blog, I hope you agree.
    TTYL, ciao!


    Comment by Desi @ TheItalianVoice — June 25, 2008 @ 2:49 pm | Reply

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