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July 27, 2008

Dogs rule!

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What would one of our trips be without a blog post about the dogs? Thankfully, here in the ritzy glitzy Riviera we are a far cry from the angst of watching starving stay dogs compete for scraps. No beagles confined to small concrete patio’s with no attention or water during the hot summer like last year in Greece. Keith and I remarked on our morning walk that neither one of us has even seen a stray dog around here. If a dog is off-leash it’s got a harness and is extremely attentive to it’s owner. Admittedly, I get a pang of jealousy that my Zoe never learned to behave so obediently. I console myself that she just has NO idea how good she’s got it (though, boarded for 6 weeks…she might argue) These dogs around here might have some idea of what it is to have a home and regular food? Whatever it is, they are fantastico!

Yesterday a little poodle ran ahead of it’s owner while crossing the street, seemed anxious to get to the sidewalk, and if I were that small little dog amongst all these zipping scooters I would too! The dog and I stepped foot on the curb just about the same time, neither one of us slowed, we just kept walking. One glance towards who it thought was it’s owner resulted in a state of confusion and a double-take, as if I could read the little dogs panicky mind

“What? You’re not my ow,ow,owner…” Flopping ears to the side, looking back to see his owner was directly behind me, and all was right in the world again, just that quick.

Mostly smaller dogs are what I see, of every breed, though I have seen a few of the big breeds. At a piazza I watched a woman crouched beside her golden Afghan Hound adoring it with full life-size hugs, the only way you could with a dog that size. I wanted to hug it too! They are total social creatures, nose to nose like wet magnets, tails wag furiously and patient owners just stand, holding the other end of the leash making small talk. I’ve yet to see or hear a dog fight. There are dogs in the stores, dogs in shopping baskets inside the supermarket, dogs sitting in-between their masters feet on scooters. There are no dogs allowed on the miles of beach where we are, but I did walk to the very end last week and discover the dog beach. I coulda spent all day there, what a hoot. Dozens of dogs off-leash cavorting along the shoreline, or sleeping with their masters.

As I type this post, I hear a dog barking in the halls of the hotel, that’s a first. I said to Keith just this morning “I’ll be we easily coulda brought Zoe here, they’d have let us keep her in the hotel.” And he agreed, it’s all the rest of the details that prevent us from pursuing that. No matter, she’s in good hands and I am having a ball watching all these Italian dogs prance around.



  1. That sounds like a lot of fun, but the words that kept popping in my head at the end of your post were… dog POOP.
    I wonder if they’re any better than the french – also avid dog owners – at picking the stuff up!

    Comment by Patti — July 28, 2008 @ 12:47 pm | Reply

  2. There are very few, I mean like two, instances of seeing poop. It was one of my first thoughts too, watch your step, but seriously, it’s not an issue, and I am happy 🙂 Greece was horrible for the piles, course’ most of them were just strays, who would take that job on?

    Comment by borderlinegypsies — July 29, 2008 @ 8:29 am | Reply

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