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August 22, 2008

Thank-you gestures exchanged

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My good Italian Dr. and a I spent a few minutes getting to know each other prior to proceeding with my molar extraction. He told me all about his seven year old son who is beyond fascinated with helicopters, especially the big one, like what Keith flies. They had an airshow last year and the little boy just went nuts about that helicopter. “Strange though,” he started “that Americans are here to fight fires?” I added that Keith is Canadian, but, yeah, many countries contract with U.S. companies to hire their firefighting assets. Not many people know that. Last year in Greece they thought we’d all just shown up to help with the catastrophic fires, they didn’t realize the crews are there year after year, standing by on contract. Even with my explanation, he remained perplexed. I said nothing more.

As a gesture of my gratitude to him for his wonderful help during what could have escalated to a crisis, but never did, I invited the Dr. and his son to visit the crew and see the crane at the nearby airport base. Felt good to have something to offer, even if it was Keith that ended up doing the giving. He doesn’t mind, and the Dr. and the boys that went with him for the tour made it into Keith’s blog about Family Man.

I returned the next week for suture removal, and the Dr. delightedly reported the wound had healed so perfectly. I knew it had all gone well, even without anti-biotic and only a mild anti-inflamatory, I was now in good shape. He clapped his hands when he saw me, excited to report how well their tour had gone, thanking me over and over. It was my pleasure, was glad to be able to make it happen. Then he said,

“I have a gift for you, for you and for Keith.”

I laughed, “shouldn’t you be the one getting the gifts?”

Have you ever gotten a gift from your dentist? What a country. When he handed me a CD, I figured it would be pictures of Keith with the Gypsy Lady, the Air-Crane he flies on this tour. Great, he’s been wanting pictures with this ship, it’s too classically named to our lifestyle – fun. They were pictures, but not of Keith and the crane. Professional photos and a note “Something to remember our beautiful Alassio…” Oh, and the x-ray of the damaged molar is also on the disk, after I’d remembered to ask Suzanna for a copy, thought it might come in handy to have in my permanent records. That you don’t get to see, (who’d want to) but here are a couple images of where we have been spending our summer –

I have Erickson Air-Crane stickers and a Thank-You card to send him. Who knew something like this would end up being such a pleasant experience. You just never know.

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  1. What a great gift idea and what a beautiful city.

    Comment by JA Huber — September 9, 2008 @ 7:46 pm | Reply

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