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May 13, 2016

A Plan

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I don’t need a plan for 2009. I could plan to live through 2009 in good health but maybe I should make that a wish and a prayer?
Planning is good, up to the point that your life changes everything.I make “To Do Lists” and set goals both near and distant. Paula has her planner and her Franklin Covey organizer and other tricks to remaining sane when Plan “A” ends up as Plan “F” and we aren’t even on the same continent that we had set out for.
Its all good.
So 2008 is almost one for the books and as I look back I see that one and usually both of us traveled to Canada,(three provinces),The U.S.A. (27 states), Mexico (down the East and up the West Coast), Belize, Guatemala, France, Germany, Monaco, Italy and Australia
It will sound strange to say that we spent ,(for us) ,quite a bit of time settled in one place. Our Marina side home in Belize, was a stay of almost 4 months . If you ever want to test your compatibility and tolerance for close living ,try a 20′ Motorhome, with a dog inside and four more sleeping just out your door.
It was great fun and I hope to do it again. But not for 4 months straight. Not ever.
We parked the more spacious 5th wheel at an ecological reserve/rv park on the St.Lawrence River,Thousand Island area for almost 6 months and stayed there about half of the time.My Mom and siblings all live in that corner of Canada and it was nice to get together and see some nieces and nephews that I had previous only met on family sad times. No sad events this year. No funerals and although the older ones gave us a scare they all pulled through and are back living their lives. Old age may not be for wimps but with the characteristic, “what can you do” shrug, the old folks walk out of the hospitals and get back to living. A good example for us all.
We were again fortunate to travel to both foreign and domestic lands. Amazing to me sometimes, is the realization that I often have more in common with a person in, say, Italy, than I do a neighbor from Nevada.The more we travel the more I treasure the gift that people give of themselves by just being who they are. So many different nationalities,cultures,beliefs and views of life. About the time I start thinking that maybe I have life figured out,a stranger or family member says something that just rocks me back on my heels and gets me looking at the world in a new way. Thank You.
When Paula and I think back to memorable trips our stories and thoughts go back not just to places but more often its the people we met that made the trip stand out.
I wish, as I did last year at this time,that we had got around to see many of more you than we did. You are in our thoughts as the New Year approaches. One of the luckiest advantages of having so many friends and acquaintances is that our six degrees of separation has shrunk by a degree or two. Its such a laugh to meet another traveler in a foreign land where we may be the only four English speakers in a restaurant of one hundred people and after a few minutes find that we know some of the same people. You.
I have to write a blog soon about these encounters. Many of you will be surprised. You can never know all the people who know of or about you or when and where your name comes up in conversation.
You are in more thoughts than you can know and as 2009 approaches I wish you all, a healthy as can be, 2009. What else do you really need?


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